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The Philosophy of Aikido

ian wrote:
I'm trying to get hold of a couple of books by Morihiro Saito:
Takemusu Aikido Vol. 3 & 4

I can't order it through my local bookshop (they say it is not published over here). Also, I don't have a credit card, so it makes it a pain trying to get it through any U.S. book stores.

Does anyone know of some-one I can buy it through in the UK?


P.S. while I'm on the subject, anyone got good advice on the best book to buy on the history/philosophy of Aikido (I need a comprehensive text).
In my opinion the two best books on the Philosophy of Aikido are : Aikido and the Harmony of Nature by Mitsugi Saotome sensei and The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido by William Gleason Sensei. Saotome sensei's is more accessible for Westerners but Gleason sensei's is more along the lines of how O-Sensei actually thought about what he did.

As for books about the History of Aikido Johjn Stevens sensei's biography of O-Sensei Abundant Peace is an excellent start (updated with additional photoes under the name Invincible Warrior).

For more detail there is no better place to go than to Stan Pranin and Aikido Journal. See
He has published many books and you can also get old issues of the magazine itself. There is no other source like it.

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