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Names of techniques ?

Hi everybody !
At the time I am preparing for my 2. kyu testing and actually know more techniquies than I do names, so I am hoping for some help here.

A straight forward throw from ex. an ushirowaza is that a kokyunage ?

A bodyturn that turns into a choke - one hand on top op neck and one under - what could the name of that be ?

When you're in position to iriminage but grab uke's collar by the neck and make a reverse tenkan and pull him down on the backside -
what could that be ?

And finally rokkyo is that like a reverse shihonage where uke's elbow is on top of your shoulder (elbow crusher)or is a kind of bodyturn.

I may add that I'm trainig in aikikai/Nishio style and these techniquies are not from the
iaido katas - as far as I can see.

Thaks in advance - yours Chr.B.
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