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Hi everyone,
New guy to the forum...been doing Aikido about 5 months now here in Omaha.
I just want to say...hell yeah!! Watching martial arts movies and kung-fu theatre and the series Kung Fu really got me interested, I even made my own sheetmetal shuriken! How's that for dangerous! When I saw a flyer for a Judo club being started I was the first student. I was in 5th grade! I loved it(I was a small kid, yet could win over much bigger people)! I took Judo for about 5 years then my Sensei moved and I dabbled for years in other martial arts, always being driven by the martial arts movies. I joined Karate with the "Karate Kid"...I joined Kung Fu after seeing Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan in action...and so on.
Well I had read about Aikido a few times and then an article was published in Black Belt magazine (I think) that was a tribute to O Sensei and it rang so true to my core (especially the non-competition) that I just had to find a dojo and join...and this has been and still is a martial art that I relate to and I don't have to watch any movies to get excited about it! I love it for it!
I still do like a good Seagal movie though (Above the Law and Marked for Death)! Ok, ok, there are no "good" Seagal movies...but they're fun!
Wow, somebody shut this guy up would ya!
Thanks for listening to my rambling.

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