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Re: Assistance with research please?

Josephine Lewis (Jo Lewis) wrote:
"...I have a vague recollection about acupressure points, for example (I once met an Aikido practitioner who did an amazing thing with the inside of my wrist which caused me to collapse like a house of cards).

If I am correct in my assumption, would you be so kind as to give me the name of the movement and an indication of where the hand should be to affect the movement (obviously, if it is forward-facing, my protagonist can hardly approach from behind)....

If I understand you correctly, I think what you describe (by using the word 'acupressure') is a technique called "yonkyo". It is applying pressure on a nerve on the inside of your wrist. The nerve is about 2 inces "below" the actual bend in the wrist, on the "top" bone of the arm, and on the inside of your arm. Sometimes it is pretty hard to get, sometimes it is pretty easy.

If you want to find it on yourself, just take your thumb of your other hand and move it around the area I described on the other, until you "hit" a nerve.

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