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Ta Kung
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I have a few moments that would fit in. But the only one related to martial arts (not that this is a must in this thread) is not nearly as fantastic and beautiful as most of the posts here.

Anyway, a few years ago, I was in the army. A friend of mine were scrubbing the floor. We started a friendly wrestling "match" (like most of us would do sometimes). A few people stood there watching. Suddenly I tried a footsweep (practised judo when I was little). My friend fell instantly, and it felt like I never touched him. And my friend was almost twice my size, and MUCH stronger! He was, and probably still is, convinced that someone in the "audience" tripped him. He couldn't belive I did it with such ease. It was the best sweep if my life, and I've never come close to it again. It's nothing much, but I still smile when I think of his face when he got up.


PS. Thomas, good for you! You're sure it wasn't a pheasant? *I've learned a new word!*

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