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I think we might be getting a bit far from the subject here but Mike reminded me of a trip I took with Dennis Hooker Sensei off the Florida coast about ten years ago. Somehow we ended up at the edge of the Gulf Stream in a huge slick of anchovina that was being hammered by every major predator in the sea. Dennis hooked one cobia so big it rolled and stripped 80 pound line like it was sewing thread - we saw it - never got it close to the boat. But it was then that the water darkened and the sky seemed to dim and everything took on the essense of 'other'. So strange a feeling - all of us noticed - like the world had turned slightly and we had not. It was strange.

Anyway we did hook about 2000 pounds of game fish, but never landed a single one. Truthfully we did not have a big enough boat. Ask Hooker Sensei about it sometime, Mike.

Trying to turn this back to Aikido I'd be interested in events that rise above the ordinary on the mat, as well.

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