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>Rachel Massey wrote:

>ah come on Bob, it was meant as a discussion >on what we get out of this ;-)

Hey, I came for the advice and stayed for

the mental masturbation ;-)

I actually came here to find out abt the "people face" of aikido. The things the shiny, happy instructor down at the dojo won't parade out on the first lesson.

Aikido has a bad rep. I wanted to see why and thought perhaps a broad cross section of folks, discussing all sorts of aiki things would help me understand.

Mostly I hang out here because -

(1) Goldmine of info

(2) You have 2 brain cells to rub together

(3) Good interaction

(4) Questions get answered. Answers get questioned.

Because of my schedule, you folks are sort of all my surigate, after hours aikido dojo. Who else am I going to talk to abt aikido @ 5:47am when I can go to bed?

>BTW, thanks for the info on calorie burn!!!

Who would have thought 30 minutes would do so much for one's waist line, huh?

(BTW, in real terms, that figure equates about to about 1 Mcdonalds Cheeseburger)

I still maintain that ukemi practice is tougher than irimi practice. Maybe taking ukemi from irimi nage is hardest of all !!

<Hey...Jane could hook that up..."percussive effects of tumbling: a study in gravity assisted weightloss">

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