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It's interesting how much light is involved with these moments in my life. I have had a few times in the dojo like this. We don't have much heat in there, so it's pretty cold in the winter. One morning at early class there were only three of us, and I was sitting out while the others were taking a turn. Sitting on the mat in seiza, the sun began to peek above the skyline of downtown Baltimore, and shown through the windows of the dojo. Shafts of light blazed through the air articulating the dust motes floating about. I could see steam rising up in front of my eyes, and I realized it was coming up off of my cheeks. I could hear the breathing, shuffling and slapping of the teacher and partner engaged in practice. I seemed to be aware of all of this at once without directing my attention to any one thing. Incidents such as this happen to me periodically, and nearly always involve sunlight in some way. As if events and the shifting of ambient light converge to make a special moment.

Anyway, this is a great thread. Thanks for starting it, and thanks to Hooker Sensei for sharing such personal events.

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