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Gregory King
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one moment

Hi Daniel,

I have one moment that I can think of although it was many years ago when I was 17 years old and experiencing my first crayfish (others would know them as lobster) season off the West Coast of Tasmania in the Great Southern Ocean. We were shooting pots in eighty fathoms of water and as the skipper liked to get things done were quickly moving along at a fair rate of knots, as the dan bouy was thrown over (that's the job for newbies) the rope wrapped itself around my leg. Time slowed as I watched the rope snake itself over the gunwhale and into the green, I have a clear recollection of remembering that this trip could be my first and last but as things continued and the rope was about to tighten I calmly lifted my leg and turned away in what I can only describe as a ballett style stance, the rope snaked off and into the water, I felt absolutely nothing, it's the closest thing to truly blending I've yet to achieve. Of course the skipper who was standing right next to me called me a @#$% idiot and told me watch what I was doing. I just got on with shooting the rest of the pots, a little bewildered but in a state of peace, it was like I actually deserved to live.

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