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Dennis Hooker
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Dan my friend please forgive this intrusion on you wonderful topic. I will take it off the list as soon as I can.


I wrote a book for my grandchildren and great grandchildren about my life and Myasthenia Gravis ( A Collage of Poppy's Life) and how Saotome Sensei and Aikido and some rather austere practices brought me through some very hard times. From wheelchair and respirator to dojo and training and life. I do not recommend this a process to anyone but myself, but perhaps it will offer ideas and encouragement to others inflected with chronic illnesses. I do not offer it as a medical or holistic remedy but only as one mans experience. I offer it to people sometimes who may need everything from a good laugh to some encouragement. . I only ask that authorship be respected. At least one fool took parts of the breathing section and rewrote it as his own work and now tries to sell it. I can send you the book over e-mail but it is 2,974 KB if you can handle it.

Dennis Hooker

Dennis Hooker: (DVD) Zanshin and Ma-ai in Aikido
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