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maybe because competitive spirit is encouraged by society - people like to know where they stand compared with others. grading wasn't originally included in the traditional styles, but when they were brought over to the west there became a need for grades. parents like grades, it encourages their children (a form of reward that chilrden can hold onto) - also a few martial arts parents i know like to be able to tell their friends that their child has received X grade.

personally i don't believe grades are necessary once you have realised that the best reward is what you get out of training, rather than the physical 'belt'

like bruce lee said - belts are for holding up your trousers

Aikido: a martial art which allows you to defeat your enemy without hurting him, unless of course he doesn't know how to breakfall in which case he will shatter every bone in his body when he lands. Also known as Origami with people
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