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Interesting thread you've started Daniel. Only because you had the guts to ask will I share my story:

My first few weeks into Aikido, I was REALLY into it. If I wasn't at class, I was reading up on it, meditating on it or thinking about it at work. (Not to mention surfing the web!)

We were practicing a technique one night that was well beyond my means, but we are always encouraged to try. And granted, I had a good uke, but I did this one technique and away my uke flew! He was a 2nd kyu and knew his stuff, but when he got up from his roll we looked at each other and the look on his face was total surprise! The moment felt effortless. The whole thing was a moment that had stopped in time. I have yet to repeat it, but I intend to.

Not to stir up something or detour this thread, but I'm a firm believer we are spiritual beings and that bodies are only temporary things. The body is not Me. When you experience "One True Thing", you are experiencing something from your TRUE perspective, not from your body's. Its spiritual in nature because our natural state is that. If it feels comfortable, it should, because its natural.

I'll shut up now. Most people wanna argue yes or no on this subject. I'm just bringing it up because someone asked me to.

Have a nice day!

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