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Not sure if this is relevant but here goes. I went to school for art (photography), and ended up working as a network administrator (IT guy) by way of a convoluted chain of events that I will spare you. So a couple of weeks ago I started going to this alumni life drawing studio (nekkid people). No teacher, just show up and draw. I hadn't drawn in years and in fact have been pretty slack on doing artwork in general lately. (wife, baby, job, aikido = ahhh!)

Anyway, to keep this short, I had no idea how well I would be able to draw, so I had no preconceptions about anything. I started drawing, having no idea what I was doing, but apparently my hand had all sorts of ideas. I could draw fairly well, and I was really not thinking about what I was doing. Kind of hard to describe the feeling, but it was slightly overwhelming. Like I wanted to jump up and down and sing "I can draw, I can draw!!!"

I kept my composure.
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