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One True Thing

After thirty years at this I can honestly say I have only done one true thing; and then gave it away. It was a decanter/vase that was glazed in a deep blue and brown glaze that seemed to show a scene from the moors of Scotland on a fog deepening evening.

My Aikido Sensei saw it and it was then his. I once did a techinique against a fellow named Mike in 1971 that I still remember. It was close. And I shot a pheasant a few years back with a 4/10 as it rose and circled and seemed to run along the fence line but somehow I just knew it would rise up above the trees and it did. That was close too.

In some of our lives, we seek the sublime. Aikido gives us the opportunity each and every time we step on the mat. I'm interested in these events - when we are able to rise up and do 'one true thing' be it a perfect pot, song, technique, or shot. I hope that there are some out there who would be willing to share their experiences.

Daniel G. Linden
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