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[quote]ian wrote:
you may be correct in a broad sense, just as William Shakespear stole all his ideas from other playwrites.

Really? All of them?

However I think the system known as aikido is easily distinguishable from such things as jujitsu or aikijutsu.

Do you think it's that easy?

e.g. when I did aikijitsu there was no such thing as moving off centre line...

Maybe not in the aikido way. Aikido is a very modern art and it is based on the way we move today. ie the way we walk, with our arms swinging as we put forward the opposite leg. This twisting of the body makes for very awkward and ineffective moving off of centre line.

If you use the traditional bushi way of movement (hitoemi : lit "centre line") then you walk with a perfectly balanced and centred stance, ie no twisting.

This is why most beginners of aikiwhatever find shiko difficult, you simply cant perform shiko well if your body twists. Also moving from standing to shiko is also much easier when adopting hitoemi.

Opening the posture from this movement is also more effective as it encourages you to make a turn through a central axis using two pivot points instead of one. i.e. in surawe waza the right knee and left foot. This in turn leads to a quicker opening of posture and tori may leave their technique until later in ukes attack.

We all know the feeling of being scared because we were utterly convinced that the atemi you just delivered WAS going to hit, and the subsequent feeling of being totally useless when we find ourselves so far into the attack the neutralisation is over before we know where we are.

I know I do

and any irimi movement defending from a shomen-uchi did not involve blending, but did involve bruises.

Now this does make sense, many of the irimi into shomen uchis, involve an irimi. I know that might sound obvious but its true. In my oppinion the aikido form of irimi ikyo from shomen uchi is great, it's effective and I love it. But is it really an irimi? Comments?

You've also got to accept that aikido has a philosophy which directly relates to its method of self-defence, which other martial arts don't seem to have.

Ueshiba Sensei was a budhist monk. Classical martial arts + buddhist thinking = Martial arts with a philosophy = Aikido. It just about the math

P.S. I presume you do aikijitsu,

Judo, jujitsu and aikido too. I find doing them all makes it easier to spot the differences, similarities and crossovers between them. Plus it's fun.

so you may be able to confirm or refute this (if so, did your sensei's pick up aspects of aikido?)

Okay, i'll say this and I know it will sound arrogant.

Ueshiba Sensei taught
Chiba Sensei taught
Poole Sensei taught
My Sensei(s)

So they may have picked up a bit

This may come down to the fact that martial arts all have similarities, but emphasise different aspects

Excellent point, I saw a Wu Shu demonstration the other day with shiho nage in it. At least I think it was Wu Shu? Lion Dance? Anyone?

It's great to be able to talk to other intelligent people about this kind of thing.

Look for forward to hearing other peoples POV's.

Wes Harris

Centre, centre, centre.
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