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Peter Goldsbury
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Hello Jun,

Since it was I who had the original problems with Japanese after the crash, I post this for the benefit of other users of Japanese.

I subscribe to 4 or 5 different web forums and each one has different capabilities. I am moderator of the IAF site, and know that this site cannot handle Japanese at all. It is not yet set up to do so. Neither is the Aikido Journal, for someone like myself, with Japanese language OS and software. E-budo is set up to handle Japanese and the language settings on my own computer are always set to Japanese.

I access all these sites via MS Explorer, as I once did with AikiWeb. However, on all four of my computers the start pages of AikiWeb (home and forums) are stuck at a certain date and always appear, even after logging out, clearing cookies, restarting etc. And Japanese appears as gobbledy-gook.

My solution is simple: I no longer use Explorer with AikiWeb. Nestscape 7 is fine, which is what I am using now. 日本語を入れても良い。

Probably there is a complex lack of synch. between the version of Explorer I use and the OS, which is Mac OS X (10.2.4), in Japanese. I am waiting for Apple to produce a Japanese version of its own browser, which I will then use.

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
Kokusai Dojo,
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