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Jonathan Lewis
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Hi Jun,

Here's an odd one...

Every once in while a forum page will show up in my browser as source code. That is, I see it just as it would look in notepad, starting with the first comment tag and ending with the closing html tag.

The strange thing is, when I look at the actual source code, it shows up exactly as what I see in the browser, and I don't see any coding errors in it. There is no reason for it not to read correctly as far as I can tell.

After I refresh, it always reads correctly (so far).

This does not happen with any other websites. This has happened on two seperate computers, One running IE 5.x on Windows NT, the other runing IE 6.0.2 on Windows 98 SE. I doubt that this is even worth looking into since it is rare, but it's a curiosity.
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