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Daniel Linden (DGLinden) wrote:
It was in Viet Nam that I first encounterd the flight response - incoming mortars... and the need to run is amazing. It was there that I learned the response that Chris refers to - to be calm and evaluate, clearly not the same as freezing.
Lol - That sounds familiar. Mortars are nasty, from a psychological as well as physical aspect. My first real flight response was very similar - my first sniper. 2 years in, 3 weeks in-country, my 1st thought was "Damn; big bees.....SH**************T!!!!! I would've beaten Donovan Bailey the few meters to the nearest cover.

Hell; i'dve beaten an F-18; I think I did most of it in mid-air.

5 months later found me moving quickly but calmly to a safe position, lighting a smoke and flipping the A-H an annoyed finger before calling it in.

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