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Matt Holmes (mattholmes) wrote:
I understand (and I don't know how true this is) that at one time in Japanese history, some people sat in seiza for hours and hours. Although I believe that we like to romanticize the concept of the ever-ready Samuarai constantly guarded against attack, I have a hard time swallowing that you are supposed to keep you legs tensed like that for a half hour. And then what happens? You don't get attacked anymore?
Worse they did this on rocks.

And then when they were attacked - they just fell down.

I wonder what the truth really is. My vision of a pre-Tokugawa battle hardened samurai is he sits any damm well he pleased.

Bhuddist Monk in high pitched voice "You're supposed to sit in seiza"

Musashi wanna be "Slice"

Seriously though I remember someone, somewhere telling me that seiza was a formal sitting posture and sitting cross-legged (Indian style) was much more common. Anyone else care to either tell me I heard wrong (possible) or elaborate.

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