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Bryan Siekierko (aikido_fudoshin) wrote:
I believe seiza is easier for Japanese people for the simple reason that they have done it all their lives since its part of their particular custom.
Not any more its not. Our Japanese beginners have as much trouble as the rest of us - all things being equal. Seiza is pretty uncommonly practiced by the vast majority of people. Recurrent theme in Japanese comedy is the Japanese Funeral Scene. You know some guy who never does seiza gets up and falls pulling off the toupe of the women in front gag.

I have even won seiza duels with 25 year Japanese vetrans of the dojo. OK OK - so we both had serious trouble getting our legs to move afterward.

If there is a difference I think it has to do with weight. The Japanese on average tend to be slimmer than North Americans. Fat thighs seem to be the major obstacle.

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