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you may be correct in a broad sense, just as William Shakespear stole all his ideas from other playwrites. However I think the system known as aikido is easily distinguishable from such things as jujitsu or aikijutsu. e.g. when I did aikijitsu there was no such thing as moving off centre line, and any irimi movement defending from a shomen-uchi did not involve blending, but did involve bruises.

The question of originality remains; you could consider some of the techniques are really just weapons techniques without the weapon - however the style, application and aim are different. Does this make it different? You've also got to accept that aikido has a philosophy which directly relates to its method of self-defence, which other martial arts don't seem to have.


P.S. I presume you do aikijitsu, so you may be able to confirm or refute this (if so, did your sensei's pick up aspects of aikido?) - this may come down to the fact that martial arts all have similarities, but emphasise different aspects.

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