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Wink on punches 2

yesterday I couldnīt finish what I intendeded to say.
I agree with theperson who wrote that in aikido tori can start the accion in order to generate a gap in ukeīs guard,
also I consider it is desireable sometimes to punch than to break an arm. One counter punch is the most efective teqnique against another one, specially if the one that punches is very skillful in the matter, remember good punchers are fast and never loose balance and so do not put themselves in an aikido-teqnique-like situation. Therefore is to enter is needed. And so to practice this "entrance" in opponents guard and throw him while punching(or kicking), this is more for ending a fight than to actually hurt him(what actually happens). During practice be careful, aikido irimi-like blows, since you use the whole body and sometimes manipulate joints in a fast way in their execution, are very dangerous.

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