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John Kuo (jk) wrote:
That's true, Kent, the hakama certainly doesn't cling to your body. I personally don't like the way polyester feels against bare skin, but I suppose activities such as kendo or iaido preclude concentrating too much on how your buttocks feel rubbing up against polyester...
I know it's a joke, but your hakama don't actually touch your buttocks. Your keikogi comes down to mid thigh, so it's only below that the hakama actually touches the skin. If we wore tight pants, that'd be a different story.

That said, during kendo, after practicing with one sensei and waiting to go with another, I've had enough sweat dripping down my legs and the inside of my hakama, that I ended up standing in a small puddle. I apologize to anyone who was eating while they read that.

To get back to the original question. Though cotton hakama are nicer, I wouldn't recommend one as someone's first. Go with a permanent-press one, so that you have "trainer pleats."

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