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Back Punch

Hello, trying to answer the original question of this forum, I will explain (or try to) what one of my instructors has told me. I'm a bit flexible so sometimes when being uke for kotegaeshi I could strike Nage's face before falling. So he told me that when uke attacks, it isn't just the punch and that's all, the attack must continue, attacking nage's center, and that is somehow protecting Uke, because, if Nage feels that Uke did not continue his attack (punch and go backwards), Nage can punch him (with his elbow, fist, etc).
I think that before everything you have to move and enter to take a good position, to feel his attack, and have the chance to strike him.
Someone posted here that Saotome Sensei said that if uke knows that you won't strike him, he can stop any attack.


As I always say, excuse my english.

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