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I don't recall the quote but then again I got half way through John Steven's Doka book before I fell asleep.

My original contention in this thread is that you don't have to lift weights to get the ideal Aikido body - just do lots and lots of Aikido. I bow to the more knowledgable who suggest supplemental weight lifting would be beneficial.

And I am sorry I have real problems with the statement even the most out of shape people can be really great aikidoka. I know several people through age and infirmity that can not perform as they used to and in my mind they are not lessened because of it. However, they did perform and became Great Aikidoka because they went through that period. I even allow for a wide variety of fitness and body types getting substantial benefit from Aikido and developing skill levels but most out of shape becomeing Great Aikidoka no way.

I don't equate strength with fitness but the ability to move.
Andrew Wilson wrote:

Didn't morihei once say that he didn't truly understand/appreciate aikido till he lost his strength? I can't remember but I heard about something to that degree in my readings.

In my very limited experiance, I have found that even the most out of shape people can be really great aikidoka. The only thing my personal physical abilities have really helped is with the knowledge that I could run away from them if we ever got into a fight

I am not saying there are no advantages to lifting and being in shape. but to quote a sempai. "hmm... your in shape. thats nice. not needed, but nice"

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