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Michael Neal
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Here is the HIIT program I use, you might try starting with the 30 second sprints since sprinting for 90 seconds is very difficult to start with.

I usually do this after a 2 mile run and a 15 minute rest.

This is the weight training I do, I am no expert with this but it works for me. I do this only once a week.


-crunches (w/ barbell plate on chest)

-Russian twists


-barbell rows

-lateral raises



-hand exercisers for strong grip and forearms

-forearm curls (both versions)

I wish I could do two more exercises:

1)Squats, however I don't have the equipment at home or someone to help spot. If I had to go to a gym to lift I probably would never go so I just rely on deadlifts.

2) Medicine ball workouts I could do alone, but I only have seen workouts with two people.

Others here could probably suggest better weight lifting routines though.
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