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Hi all!
Lynn Seiser wrote:
Since most of your description of problems fall into the lower body areas, IMHO, I would stress some footwork drills on your own.

Skipping rope is a great one.

BUSTED! , yes Lynn quite frankly thats the way i see it and feel , i hope u dont think i'm stupid by posting the thread in this way , just thought i could see some interesting opinions and feedbacks making a general question and maybe it could turn out to be a more helpful thread that way.

About the Skipping rope excersice , could you be a lil more descriptive? , never heard of it under that name..maybe i know it like a "lagartija" "sentadilla" or some other weird spanish name )

I noticed something similar with my Neck too Douglas , and lately it has been al "creaky" when i do stretchs and some natural that ok?
Michael Neal wrote:
High intensity interval training and weight training has completely transformed my body since I started Aikido about 9 months ago
Humm....are you talking about a particulary intensive Aikido Training Session Mike?..if so could you describe it a bit more in terms of lenght and excersises done , so i could maybe suggest something like that on my dojo?
Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
The thing is, most Americans seem to come to Aikido from sedentary lives..... Some people can get all the conditioning they need from Aikido itself, but it's a gamble. I tried it for years, with no other supplement but running, and I was no closer to participating as much as I wanted injury-free than when I started.
Hi Kevin , thanks for some very didactic insights . Altought i'm not American i very much fit in that group you mention , i really feel Aikido is something u must give yourself out entirely for it to be authentic (not to mention efective )and lately i found my body not keeping with my mind on that , however i wouldnt like to hurt myself in the process thus shortening my life span on it.

I myself too shunned Weight training before , since coming from a "bit long ago" background on it , i was usually tempted to use muscle strenght instead of proper technique and body movement while doing waza...

Just to mention , doing the stretchs mentioned in "Ki in daily Life" after waking up in the morning semeed to have a very nice effect on my lower frame strenght and overall stability in think that could be negative if not supervised??

Finally If you guys feel like and have the patience to share a bit more on your training sessions in and out of aikido with me , it would be really great and i'll put you all on my Buddy List .

Thanks ALL , Gotta Run..

Plus KI!

"Perfection is a Process"
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