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Michael Ellefson (MikeE) wrote:
It is my understanding that ura is a description for how nage moves in defending him/herself.
Actually, I'd say that the terms "irimi" and "tenkan" more describe how a person moves. "Ura" and "omote" more describe the location of such movements. (In other words, you can do "irimi" and "tenkan" movements to the "omote" side of uke's body. You can also do "irimi" and "tenkan" movements to the "ura" side of uke's body...)

Ushiro describes where uke's attack is coming from.
In aikido parlance, "ura" usually refers to describing the technique (eg ikkyo ura) and "ushiro" refers to the attack (eg ushiro ryokatadori).

Literally, "ura" basically means "the rear side" (as in the "rear side of the house") and "ushiro" basically means "behind" (as in "behind the house"). Subtle difference, but there you are...

-- Jun

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