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Ta Kung
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He he! Well mr. B also stated that we (the resistance) were too narrow minded. Someone can get KO'ed without you touching them; I believe the talk ranged from "unexplainable illnes", heartproblems "for no apperent reason" and letting your friend do it; then the victim CAN be KO'ed without YOU touching him... LOL!

There also is a prize (1 million dollars) to anyone who can prove this "no touch KO". No supreises here: no one has taken the bet. Not even those who still claim it's possible. If they don't want the money, they could donate it or simply refuse it, right? Why NOT prove it?

Narrow minded or not, I don't believe in this bs and I don't believe in Santa either. You've got to be pretty dumb, pardon my french, if you do.

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