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paul watt (paw) wrote:
The best way to get better at aikido is to train aikido. Period.
I like Paul mainly because he usually agrees with me.
As far as your question, for upper body vs lower body development, I would answer: neither. Or more accurately "both". It seems that a good deal of aikido is moving the body as a unit, so it seems prudent to engage in supplemental training that works the body as a unit.
I'm roughly in the same boat as you. Before I opened my dojo I was restricted to Aikido one full day a week. I had to find something to help improve my Aikido and keep/improve my fitness level. That is the reason I started Judo (local Aikido clubs didn't interest me). Other good suggestions are Dance (I'm just not the dancing type) or swimming (which bores me to tears - not that you could tell for all that water). All of these activitives are good all-body workouts. In fact the best Judo and competitve Aikido players all seem to have swimmers bodies.

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