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Dear Mr.Rehse...

I suppose yes , thats the most logical answer to such a question...

Thought you pointed to me the over simplicity of my question and as Mr.Holmes stated , I didnt give you any info on my actual condition for you to make a particular suggestion , well i'm somehow fit...(amen to what mr.Sundeyev said about pushups ) , nevertheless i feel a bit slow and maybe sloppy when doing techniques like tsuki iriminage , wich requires a quick and "safe" step out of the way just to mention an example , same when doing suwariwaza...

Also , after long training sessions and trying to push myself to the limits...i end with pain on the plants of my feet and sore tighs...

Altough I sure would like to work this out the "Rehse" way , that is just doing more aikido , in my case is not possible , so thats why I asked what did u recommend for "solo" training , maybe talk a bit about how do you see your development if you look back at when you started....should i do a little homework or just wait for things to come naturally...?

I really really would like to "see" your personal experience about this.

Thanks again, and please keep the very appreciated.

Plus KI!

P.D. Please excuse the broken english..

"Perfection is a Process"
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