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Hiya Paw,

Uncleaned paths as a violent act? Nope, just negligence. But if your neighbour had deliberately sprayed his path with water before it hit freezing, then I would consider any resulting injury an act of violence on their part(they could claim their intent had maybe been to make some interesting patterns in the ice?)

However, please correct me if I'm wrong, the theme was MA and is it violent, not good housekeeping. Well, you voluntarily wander into a forum (wearing some of the worst fashion in god's little earth) where you happily submit to intense physical interaction using techniques specifically designed to cause at a minimum physical disruption of your partners balance, at the other end kill-maim-death. Nah - thats not violent is it?

One problem I think is that the many people are horrified to think that they might be violent, as the word has such negative connotations. No, I'm a nice person, I have "good inetntions" when turning their joints the wrong way... Violence when channelled properly is useful and often theraputic. Here your intent matters as you're doing something constructive with your violent tendancies in a controlled (ish) environment. It's unstruuctured violence that I get worried about - give me a dojo over certain pubs at kicking-out time any day of the week.

PS There's at least 2 Ian's on this thread, I don't think Mr Dodkins would be very happy at being mistaken for a "hairdresser" aikidoka like myself (loved that term from a previous thread, thanks)
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