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Truth, or not.

Ron Tisdale wrote:

Even if most people don't believe you, if the truth comes out, at least it has a chance. If you say nothing, then nothing can change.

Please tell us what you know...


Ron Tisdale
Mr. Tisdale, having once taken on the role as dojo video and photo archivist, historian and editor-in-chief of "AIKIDO" the Dojo Newsletter Magazine for (the still closed) Aikido Tenshin Dojo, I took a keen interest in keeping close tabs on all of these stories, both from the viewpoint of the key inside players (and person's who were very close to them,) and of course, the press with their goal of simply selling whatever rubbish they were peddling at the time.

When you combine the "quick to condemn" tongues and deep-seeded resentment - on so many levels - by many (high ranking) in the aikido community, the supposed ramblings by his ex-wive(s) "overheard" by "nameless sources" and the "sickness" that is anything related to the sycophantic nature of producers, their underlings and the uncontrollable penchant of wanna-be-famous, stuntmen, etc. in Hollywood, and add to that the troll-like leeches so aptly called "the press" with their complete lack of human dignity when dealing with any news-worthy individual's feelings, or their family members, or anyone's personal or professional reputation for that matter -- irrespective of what is true - simply to sell more papers or magazines, then factor in the gullible nature of 99 percent of the people in this world who actually believe that the dribble they read in their local papers, or see on CNN is "unbiased" reporting, so much so that they huddle around water coolers each day arguing over which version of the crap they read is more believable, and about what "they" would do, if ever they found themselves in someone else's shoes, and you have a fairly good chance of understanding why when it is in regards to Steven Seagal, Truth (with a capitol "T") has no real place, on the mat, or off.

Funny thing: I have read, and sometimes even posted the actual happenings of these events in past years only to be finding myself laughing out loud at the next individual's uneducated "opinion" based upon comments he or she had read in some magazine article or had seen on the E! True Hollywood Story.

Funny thing: I was contacted by the producers of that pitiful sham of a show because they were trying to add one more insult on to their list - that Seagal had not actually been promoted to 7th Dan, i.e. that he had embellished that part of his resume, as well.

Funny thing: I provided them of the exact date, along with the names of everyone who was with him at the time he received his Dan Certificate directly from Kishomaru Doshu, while training in the private training facilities at Honbu Dojo. The pictures of him bowing as he received it from the Doshu's hands were quite convincingly realistic.

Funny thing: When I offered to check their "facts" before they aired the show, they declined. Their loss. However who really lost was Seagal, himself, along with every single person who watched that show thinking they had the "True" Holywood Story. They got the Hollywood story, all right. Do you actually think that someone would green light a tell-all documentary on the crap Seagal has had to put up with from ass-kissing, little mamas boys, and their silicone-carting, rhino-plasticized sidekicks with the whitened teeth? I mean these are the same people that year after year pay Joan Rivers and her brainwashed daughter to get up on an international platform and belittle actors and actresses, on the most nerve-racking day of their lives -- when they are being judged on their "talent" as actors, if you can believe the silliness in that -- for how they choose to dress. Not that Mr. Seagal ever faired any better in that regard, as we have seen from some of the colorful posts regarding his choice of "garb-de-jure." On this very website.

He should receive ten dollars for every person that had to sit through that re-hashed heap of trash, most of which was simply false -- at best! As a matter of protocol, the money should be pried from the cold, dead hands of the reporters, cameramen, editors, script writers, and most of all the PRODUCERS of such folly.

To think, all this from someone who left Seagal's organization as it took its last breath in 1997. I am not defending him, for he does not need it, does not ask for it, and will not benefit from it in any way.

Just for the record, Tenshin Bugei Gakuen & Aikido Tenshin Dojo was closed in1997 by Matsuoka Sensei for reasons that shall remain private. Many people posting on various websites have speculated as to why, but have only repeated "information" that we posted on the websites of our affiliates. I mention this because the truth behind that story has also been so twisted by those hoping to maximize their profits upon our exit. FOR THE RECORD - Anyone that makes claims of "rising from the ashes of" or "continuing to spread the spirit and belief of" Tenshin Bugei Gakuen or Aikido Tenshin Dojo - or the best one, "teaching the techniques of "Tenshin Aikido," something that never existed when the dojo was opened, should be viewed with about as much credibility as the peddlers of the aforementioned E! malarkey.

There is simply one reason why the B.S. continues to be king, while the truth lies buried by the side of the road without a head stone -- "You can't handle the truth!"

I have wanted to use that line since I heard it from Mr. Nicholson.

I no longer participate in or read the discussion forums here on AikiWeb due to the unfair and uneven treatment of people by the owner/administrator.
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