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Jeff Tibbetts
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Tough question. I think that there are different forms of violence. You could call the simplest forms hot or cold violence. You have hot violence, which is an instinctive, lashing out without thinking type of violence that wells up like a geyser of force. You also have the cold violence which slowly plays itself out, poisoning or elaborate plans to kill someone, like ice forming over a person's soul until you can shatter it. You then have a whole range in between, plus other things like passive-aggressive mental violence. The eventual goals and outcomes may vary, but in my mind anything done to the detriment of another person or persons is a form of violence. It can surely be mental, and it can obviously be physical, it's almost always both at some point. Now as far as what we do. I think that, as said, martial arts can be called violent if they are used violently or to violent ends. If you look at it from the standpoint that you can train to help someone as opposed to hurting them then it ceases to be violent. If what you're doing isn't to the detriment of another, than surely it's to their benefit? I guess there's some middle ground, but intent is the root of wether or not it's violent in most cases. If you do accidently break an arm trying to stop an attack than that means you should train more, but unless it was clearly intentional than I don't consider it a violent act. Something can be dynamic, powerful, forceful, and tactically or strategically beneficial and not be violent if the goal and outcome are beneficial. I hope this makes sense, I'm tired...

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