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Paula Lydon
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~~(a) An ongoing curiosity in my mind (well, for years now): Are martial arts inherently violent? Seems an easy question, but is it? Outwardly it would seem like yes--certainly appears that way in the movies . Even if we're training in something like Tai Chi Chuan or Aikido and are focusing on personal growth and spirituality, by the very act of learning and practicing these techniques are we, perhaps unconsciously, planting and cultivating a violence inside ourselves? Or are we merely learning to subjegate to our control a violence already there?
~~(b) What is voilence? Is it uncontrolled, even undirected, high-volumn distruction and chaos of a reactive nature? Is a calm, calculated act with a destructive outcome equally violent? Is highly skilled exicution of a technique that breaks an attacking arm less violent than a frightened, lashing out movement that breaks the same arm? Is it only our internal stance that designates an act as violent or not?
~~I, of course, have my own ongoing theories about all of this but wished to begin with the questions only so as not to colour anyone elses views. Besides, to be honest, my own views keep shifting with time and expierence. Just mental musings...

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