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Hi John, Les, Barbara(!), and everyone else,

I just wanted to say, "You're all very welcome" for your thanks that you've sent my way. All I can say right now is, "It was entirely my pleasure."

I just came back from a special one-day seminar here with our chief instructor. All proceeds from it went to one of our members at our dojo who just had surgery last month. We were very touched by this student's appearance about five minutes after the seminar was over; all of us broke into a round of applause lasting for a few minutes.

Perhaps such an event could happen at your dojo? Maybe John or other senior instructors could get together for a one-day seminar with all proceeds going to Barbara's medical fund. We asked for a $50 donation for the whole day with people welcome to give less or more as their financial situation allowed. It was a great day of training and allowed all of us to feel a part of the aikido community which I believe is an important sense to have.

In any case, please let Barbara know that I would love to meet her some day. It's great to hear from John that she may be back "on the mat" in however limited a fashion. I hope by then she'll be able to throw me into a koshinage or three!

Best regards,

-- Jun

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