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I've always been on and off about the reality of ki. When I first started aikido I believed in it and used to imagine it during my practise - which benefited me alot. Then I decided that it was just a way in which it was easiest to get the best mechanical advantage, without actually having to think of the mechanics. However after more recent experiences and discussions with a chinese boxer I have come full circle and I now believe in it fully again.

However, although Star Wars 1 gave me shivers down my spine because of the relationship with concepts of 'ki' I think there is also a pantheist agenda there. Also, it is talked about on more orgasmic terms (don't they consider it as a symbiosis between bacteria and jedi knights?). My view of chi is very different - though unfortunately I find it too hard to explain why without getting too metaphysical and boring.

Also, I would like to see more blending in the light-sabre fighting: so if you're out there George...

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