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Dennis Hooker
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Let me say this and then I will leave it alone. For supposedly compassionate people many Aikido adherents are judgmental as hell. I do not know Mr. Segal personally but we did attend the same seminars years ago. I have had at least one student leave my camp after gaining his shodan and join Mr. Segal's group the next day. At the same time opening his own dojo. All the better for me in the long run and I understand he was ousted from Mr. Segal's group not long thereafter and went to the AAA. I have promoted at least one of Mr. Sagal's ex-students to shodan and he was a wonderful old man. I got the better deal for sure. I don't like his movies so I do not watch them. His personal strengths and weaknesses are his battle they do not affect me or cause an effect on my actions or life. I am glad my personal life is not so public as his. I am older and I believe I manage my life and my words with a great deal more tact that Mr. Segal showed in his early Hollywood days but that is his business. I know some cigar smoking, whiskey guzzling whoremongering Aikido ideals who would have faired much worse in the public limelight had the public had any interest in them. You know what ? In reality none of this has any meaningful impact on my life and so it does not hurt me one bit to be compassionate and tolerant and non judgmental. \

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