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Yup. One's just the modern, simplified version and the other the older version. "Ki" isn't the only character this happened to, by the way. Any decent kanji dictionary should have a list of them. The only annoying part is that some dictionaries list these kanji under their traditional radicals, even when it's no longer in the character.

At the same time as this, the Japanese goverment also updated the kana system, eliminating the kana for we, wi, wu, ye, and yi, and making the way things are spelled more sensical by their modern pronunciation. No more writing "kaha" for "kawa" or "dofu" for "dou." For some reason they didn't do this for particles though, hence "wa," "o," and "e" being written as "ha," "wo," and "he."

This is also why you sometimes see Ueshiba written as "Uyeshiba." The latter is a direct transliteration of the hirgana for his name, as it was written in the first part of the 20th century. It'd still be pronounced the same.

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