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Kelly Allen
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To me it isn't the Rank of the instructor but the ability of the instructor to teach, or in what form the instructor teaches. What this is dependant on is the form in which the student learns. Egsample: If an instructor teaches in the formal Japaneze style(show the technic only with no explinations) you will only be able to train all the students that are able to learn visually, and loose all the students that learn tactilly (to do by doing) and verbally (by explanation). My instructor is Shodan who is also a highschool teacher. He is very good at teaching in all three ways due to his training and experience as a school teacher. We were also visited by a Sandan who was also a good teacher but was able to point out suttleties that our shodan wasn't for experience reason. The 8th dans you refer to are typically the traditional Sensies I refered to at the start, so for that reason what you say could have some creedance. Don't, However, lump all of the highest ranking black belts under this traditional view. There are good high ranking black belt teachers, and there are bad ones. The same can be said for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dan black belts.
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