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Re: Just for fun..

Elric123 wrote:
...The Aiki in the Jedi thing I was refering to was more of their philosophy and ideas about the force and universe, rather than technique...
To see how Lucas arrived at his concept of the Force, take a look at the essay "Ki in StarWars" at

Dale Pollock wrote:
[/i]In Skywalking: The Life and Films of George Lucas, Dale Pollock wrote that "Lucas's concept of the force was heavily influenced by Carlos Castaneda's Tales of Power, an account of a Mexican Indian sorcerer, Don Juan, who uses the phrase 'life force'."3

However, Lucas said that he had read extensively on myth and mythology theory," many as fifty books. I basically worked out a general theory for the Force, and then I played with it."4
If you want to find out about the Force, why not get it directly from Yoda himself?

See "A Way to the Force" by Yoda of Dagobah at:

These and other things about Ki/Qi/Chi/the Force/Energy can be found at
in the story/storiesII and article/archives sections.

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