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Been a while since that post a couple weeks ago, but I'm back and would like to comment on all the insight.

Thanks Peter, Don, and others for the understanding. I've spent thirty years training in aikido and not a week goes by I don't wonder why I still do it. Mornings getting out of bed, trying to pick up dropped pencils - you know the drill.

I believe what I said in that earlier post, but you must read it carefully. I never said that all shihans were unable to stop a boxer, I know I could myself because I train for it. Probably Mike could, but really a pro is just that, a pro. I was refering to professional athletes - and old men and women, and that there are reasons why there are no old pro athletes. Real, honest to god reasons that have to do with milage and distance on the body.

Aikido helps me get out of bed. I spent last weekend with twenty five godan and rokudans training in aikido under Saotome Sensei. They were all marvelous, amazing people who are vital and healthy and can move like people over fifty usually can't. Aikido keeps us all moving and healthy. Isn't that reason enough to keep training? That we get to perform majic is just one of the cupcakes in the big picnic.

And really, I can't remember the last time I really had to 'defend' myself - for all we receive from training, at this point, it is simply not relevant. The point was - again - that we tend to mythologize senseis when the truth is that most are very good at what they train, but that very few train at fighting. So Segal might have actually been beaten...

Let me ask a question here. Do you think he could stay with your average Ranger platoon, Force Recon Squad or Seal Team for one mornings work? Really. I think perspective is necessary when dealing with anyone who is highly trained in a very narrow field.

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