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ki wrote:

Isn't it better to use "brittle" instruments?
So we do not learn to gain too much "power" from our trainig weapons?

Train your mind and your physics will follow. Even the most strong material will break if used without the proper "state of mind" Even the most weak techniques and/or materials will last and perform for you if you use the right "state of mind"[/i]
LMAO! That must be why my car has so many recalls--my mind is all messed up. So do we like replace mechanics with "state of mind" shops? And when my computer crashes should I will it to reboot or is it wrong to use will? What about houses? I mean we use wood and other hardy stuff but that suddenly seems so wrong. I'm thinking paper mache would be the way to go and I bet it would be cheaper but what if the big bad wolf huffs and puffs? Can I will the house to stay together?

This is great stuff. Keep it up!
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