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Re: My two cents...

aikikid wrote:
Kyudo is very cool, but it's hard to locate, unless you live in, say, Japan, New York, or southern Cali. Another really neat, really obscure weapon art is naginata (a cross between a spear and sword) training (naginatado?). And you get to wear hakama (joy!)! The funny thing about my town is that we have naginata, but not iaido or kendo or jodo. Tallahassee does, however, have about 205 tae kwon do dojos.....
The US Kyudo Renmei has dojos in quite a few places. I'll look for their webpage. Remember that it can be quite expensive (a good bow goes for $500 or $600 plus special kimono and hakama), though it is very beautiful.

It would probably be called naginata-jutsu, though I'm not sure. The naginata was the weapon that many samuria women learned to defend their houses if necessary. I believe it's still taught to some women in Japan.

kendo is rare, iaido is almost non-existant, and jodo is unheardof here. We do have a shinkendo dojo though... that's something worth looking into also, IMO.

We probably have more McDojos than thou... if that specifies a sign that glares "KARATE" and in the window you see "(such and such's) Tae Kwon Do."

Oh well... look for the good, try to tell others about the bad, and leave them to their fate.



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