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I've been trainin about 3mths now, and I personally like it when they flood me with information. I don't think of it as I HAVE to remember everything or do it perfectly because that just wont happen. I just think about what they say and attempt to apply it. If you think too much on remembering everything or that they're talking too much, your not thinking about the right thing. Just consider what they're saying in relation to the technique, and try to keep in simple within yourself. At least this has been my approach to Aikido (and really most things in general), and its seemed to work out good so far. Remember, always keep a positive mind! (Its more powerful than anything else).

If the shodan resists on the technique its probably because your getting better and they want you to perfect the technique further. I love the challenge of someone who resists, eventhough at my level it's extremely difficult to overcome. As for getting hurt during the technique, I'd recommend 1 of 2 things.. Let them know, because they may be doing the technique off somewhat and need to adjust, or simply fall softer.

PS I'm working on falling smoother myself...

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