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Arrow Street Survival Questions

Okay, so post your answers, and I'll let you know how you do. I missed one. I'm expecting you aikidoka won't miss any. :]

1) We have long known that the average adult male, armed with a light and fast-handling knife, can close 7 yards (around 6.5 meters) from a standing start and stab you in an average time of 1.5 seconds. If we replace the knife with a crowbar, what will be the difference?
A) He'll be slower
B) He'll be faster
C) No appreciable difference

2) Your criminal opponent is a couple of steps away from you, armed with a stolen gun that you recognize as a double action revolver. If he starts shooting, how many rounds can he fire in 1 second if he's "average"?
A) 1
B) 4
c) 6

3) There's that guy with the knife again. His back is to you. Once he begins movie, how quickly can he turn and face you with his weapon?
A) Half a second
B) One second
C) One and a half seconds

4) The knife-armed assailant is 7 yards away (again), but he's huge: six foot six inches (2 meters), 350 pounds (160 Kg), and has a lot of body fat. How will this affect his required time to close the gap?
A) He'll be a good bit slower than average
B) He'll be a bit slower than average
C) He'll be average, or faster

5) You're armed with a concealed weapon in plainclothes when a mugger jumps out of an alley a few steps away. He demands your wallet (or something). You slowly reach under your coat, hoping to draw your weapon and "beat the drop" instead. His eyes are on your hand intently as if he expects you to do just that, and his finger is tense on the trigger. What is his reaction time likely to be for his first shot when you come up with a weapon insteat of a wallet?
A) About .25 second
B) About .5 second
C) About 1 second

Okay, that's it. If you promise not to scroll down and read other peoples' answers, I'll post your scores... Or I can e-mail them to you. Or, you can just not do this, and I'll have wasted some time. :]

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