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Re: My two cents...

aikikid wrote:
Kyudo is very cool, but it's hard to locate, unless you live in, say, Japan, New York, or southern Cali. Another really neat, really obscure weapon art is naginata (a cross between a spear and sword) training (naginatado?). And you get to wear hakama (joy!)! The funny thing about my town is that we have naginata, but not iaido or kendo or jodo. Tallahassee does, however, have about 205 tae kwon do dojos.....
Kyudo is what I would really love to learn as an accompianment to aikido. I am hopefully spending a month or two in japan next year, know anywhere I might be able to go have a look into it? As I live in australia, I don't think I'm going to find somewhere that teaches it unfortunately........but I am young and it is a future thing that I want to learn.
Anyone out there study kyudo???
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