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I'm just wondering if any fairly new aikidoka out there occassionally have the sempai who attempts to explain and show every little nuance he/she knows taking a long time to let me practice and basically flooding me with information. I find it very hard when I train with this kind of sempai, of course I appreciate them trying to help but basically I would much rather to just be able to matter how much talking, I'm not gonna learn unless I can practice freely. I don't want to have a whinge but it is just a little frustrating, also more than often this happens when we have a relief sensei taking the class who stops training every 5 minutes to talk some more about the particular technique. Training becomes very confusing and hard for me when this happens as the constant stop/starts break up my concentration and make me try to focus on about fifty things at once which causes my technique to be sketchy.....oh I'm just gonna quit rambling now!

How can I attempt to turn this into more of a learning experience for me rather than a frustrating one?

Also one other thing I have noticed is with very young yudansha, when on the odd occassion I train with them, there technique is quite powerful and they are good aikidoists but they have little respect for me as a beginner. Either forcing me to train at their level, even when I am nage which just does not work. Or else they are rather rough, which I find is a little unacceptable for a yudansha as they don't have the control to avoid me getting hurt.


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