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Johnny Chiutten
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Combat application & Daily living

One who practices Martial arts must be able to apply it in combat and in daily life as well.There are many students who has been practicing Martial arts ( any kind of Martial Arts)for many years, yet they cannot fight at all, even when it is necessary.What they have practiced is not genuine Martial Art but a demonstrative form of what some masters call "Flowery FIst and embroidery kicks"

All martial arts become meaningless as martial art if it is devoid of its fighting function.This does not imply that a martial art student must fight to justify the art. But it is imperative for an experienced practitioner that he / she be able to put up a decent defence when attacked.So I think its vital to a practicing martial artist to honestly evaluate if he/she is training in realistically in the dojo. Otherwise you are just practicing "flowery fist and embroidery kicks"

Also more important than combat is the philosophy and peaceful application of your martial art training in your daily life.
A martial artist for example should have more zest, vitality in work and play. More calmness of mind and clarity of thought even under demanding situations.
If you do not have the strength to run up a flight of stairs or are easily irritated and nervous despite many years of training then your practice have been futile.


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