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Hi folks,

Just a bit of statistics done at lunch here.

So far, 26 people have bought a total of 101 raffle tickets raising a little over $500. This translates to a bit more than four raffle tickets per person. Not bad!

Of course, I still think we can do better.

Even if you purchase one single raffle ticket, you're both helping out an aikido practitioner in need as well as increasing your chances infinitely (if you hadn't bought a ticket before, of course) of getting one of the great prizes (really -- have you seen the list?) that have all been donated.

Another suggestion is to print out the raffle description page, take it to the dojo, and get some folks there to buy a few tickets. If your lot wins, you can hold a mini-raffle at your dojo!

Really, folks. If you ever felt like helping out a fellow person on the aikido path, here's a great chance. I encourage every one of you to pitch in for even just a single ticket. Every ticket counts.

The raffle page is located here:


-- Jun

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